Outside of the course

The 30,000 students at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University are a big part of the city’s 150,000 population. The city is therefore youthful and cosmopolitan, with plenty to see and do.

There are also over 200 clubs and societies for you to choose from that cover a huge range of different interests. These include:

  • The Union
  • Dramatic Society
  • Big Band
  • Law Society
  • Music Society
  • Different political societies
  • Scientific Society
  • Broadcasting Society
  • Poetry Society
  • Chess Club
  • Oxford Entrepreneurs

Physics related activities

There are also a number of physics related activities for you to get involved with:

The Physics Society
The Oxford Energy Society
Talks and lectures
Bang magazine

Sports activities are available at college and university level. The University’s Sports Federation helps to run more than 80 clubs - including traditional sports, new and esoteric activities, and everything in between - for anyone from the interested beginner to the international athlete.

Oxford offers a wealth of opportunities for volunteering, many of which can be found through the Oxford Hub. In addition, many students help out with physics activities arranged for school students from visiting schools.