Wireless Magnetic Micro- and Nanorobots

Dr. Salvador Pané i Vidal- Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS). Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich

Over the past decade researchers have been developing micro- and nanorobots for use as biomedical platforms with applications such as chemical sensing and drug delivery. Understanding and controlling the physical and chemical interactions at the micro- and nanoscale is crucial for the realization of small biomedical robots. One of the main aspects investigated has been the fabrication and optimization of the motility component of these small agents, and one of the most promising approaches is to use electromagnetic systems to wirelessly control and actuate magnetic micro and nano structures. A goal of the research at the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab consists of creating untethered magnetically controlled micro and nanorobots to make current medical procedures safer and less invasive, and to create entirely new procedures that were never before possible. To increase their performance and to provide additional biofunctionalities (biocompatibility, drug delivery, sensing), other materials must be incorporated. In this work, we will present several magnetic micro- and nanoagents that have been produced in our laboratory with a focus on biomedical and environmental applications.