Centre for Postgraduate Training in Plasma Physics and High Energy Density Science

The University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the University of Warwick have joined together to offer postgraduate students the highest quality training in plasma and high energy density physics, unparalleled anywhere in the United Kingdom.

The location of our Universities, close to one of the largest concentrations of National Laboratories in Europe (STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and AWE Aldermaston) provides students with competitive access to the most advanced lasers, magnetic confinement devices and computer facilities in the world for cutting-edge research in high energy density plasma physics and fusion science. Students will also have access to many of the major facilities in the United States, the European Union and Asia-Pacific where our academics spearhead high profile international collaborations.

Photograph - STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Students will be brought together regularly throughout the year to participate in:

  • Autumn School "Introduction to Plasma Physics" at Oxford Physics, the Cosener’s House and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Interconnected Pedagogical Lectures at Oxford, Imperial College London and Warwick
  • End of Year Attendance at the Central Laser Facility Christmas Meeting
  • Easter School in Computational Methods at the University of Warwick
  • Spring School in Experimental Methods at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Summer Research Symposium at Imperial College London
  • Overseas Workshops with our International Partners

Schedule for Michaelmas Term 2018
Autumn School 2018

The lectures provided a great in-depth course across every conceivable aspect of my thesis. There was emphasis on mathematical understanding and demonstrations with large scale simulations. The best part was the week away at STFC Cosener's House.
Mr James Sadler, 2014/15 DPhil student, Wolfson College, Oxford.

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies enabled me to attend advanced lecture series on plasma kinetic theory and MHD at Oxford which have both greatly contributed to my work on magnetic confinement fusion. I have since remained in contact with other students from the Centre and have attended conferences and events with them; this network has given me a further head start in my research career.
Mr Joshua Holgate, 2014/15 PhD student, Imperial College London.

Plasma physics is offered in:

Study at Imperial College London
Study at University of Warwick