Travel funding

Attendance and presentation of results at conferences, and travel to observatories for the purpose of making observations, are important components of the skills training element of the D.Phil programme. We encourage students to discuss opportunities to engage in these activities with their supervisors. In view of the finite research student travel budget available to the Sub-Department of Astrophysics, the objective of maximising opportunity for all can only be realised if costs are minimised by everyone. It is essential that planning of proposed travel begins at the earliest opportunity so that the cheapest available fares and accommodation can be used. If discounted fares are available to you as a student then these should be used. Your college may also be able to provide some travel support.

For major international conferences, there is usually a significant sum of money available to support student attendance, on application to the conference organisers, but the deadline for seeking such support is invariably much earlier than registration deadlines. In addition, your supervisor may hold a research grant (European Union or Marie Curie scheme for example) which supports student travel and these funds may be available.

The Institute of Physics (IoP) has the C.R. Barber Trust Fund intended to fund young researchers below the age of thirty; you do though have to be a member of the IoP. Similarly the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) may make conference grants available to student members; if you are not a member and your supervisor is then he or she may apply on your behalf. Further details are given in If you have recently secured your D.Phil. you are eligible to apply to the Royal Society for a conference grant.

Travel to London for attendance at meetings or seminars can be reimbursed by the Sub-Department of Astrophysics; no more than two meetings in London should be attended by anyone student in an academic year without the supervisor's consent. The cost of attending the National Astronomy Meeting can also be met from the Sub-Department's funds.

When applying for financial support from an outside agency such as your college, please mention the contribution made by the Department as this dramatically increases your chances of success.