Teaching/Tutoring Positions Sought

Proposed Subject: Mathematical Methods (CP3, CP4, SO1), Quantum Mechanics (A3, S18), Special/General Relativity and Electrodynamics (B2, B5), Quantum Computation and Information Theory (Parts of C2)
Experience: I have experience teaching 2nd year mathematical methods and quantum mechanics (A3) for St Peter’s College and 3rd year Symmetry and Relativity (B2) for Keeble college. I have also previously tutored special relativity and quantum information/computation theory in the Mathematics. Having studied the Cambridge Mathematics Tripos (parts I, II, III) I am well suited to teach the more mathematically intense physics modules as listed above. I am incredibly enthusiastic about teaching and actively looking for more teaching opportunities as I progress with my DPhil studies (currently entering 3rd year).
Contact email address: cameron.booker@physics.ox.ac.uk

Proposed subject: Special Relativity, Mathematical Methods, Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves and Oscillations, Optics, Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Information, Classical Mechanics, Biophysics, Mathematical Biology, Electromagnetism
Experience: : I am interested in teaching mathematics-heavy courses, but can also teach engineering and applied physics courses. At Oxford, I have taught Quantum Information, Electromagnetism, Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Geoscience, and Further Quantum Theory. At other places, I have taught Quantum Optics, Applied Probability and Statistics, Semiconductor Devices, Signals and Systems, Optics and Quantum Theory, Scientific Writing, Complex Numbers, University Mathematics, Introductory Calculus, Computational Mathematics, and Linear Algebra.
Contact email address: hamza.waseem@physics.ox.ac.uk

Proposed subject: B5. General Relativity and Cosmology, any of the prelims CP options, A3. Quantum Physics, A2. Electromagnetism and Optics, B2. Symmetry and Relativity
Experience: I am in my 3rd year of DPhil in the Mathematical Physics group in the Maths department. I have done extensive teaching in the Mathematics degree: I have been tutor for C7.5 General Relativity I, C7.6 General Relativity II and Conformal Field Theory. I have been Teaching Assistant for B7.2 Electromagnetism, String Theory II, C7.6 General Relativity II and Conformal Field Theory. I am also acting as Teaching Assistant for M4 Geometry in Queen's College.
Contact email address: mateo.galdeano@maths.ox.ac.uk

Proposed subject: Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Methods, Special Relativity, General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, Conformal Field Theory
Experience: I am a 3rd year DPhil in Mathematical Physics. I have done private tutorials for 8 years and I have had a teaching position for 1 year in a High School. In Oxford, I have been TA at the Mathematical Institute for General Relativity II and CFT; Tutor at the Mathematical Institute for General Relativity I, CFT and Electromagnetism; Tutor at Exeter College for Quantum Theory and Special Relativity; Tutor at Balliol College for Special Relativity.
Contact email address: pietro.ferrero@gtc.ox.ac.uk

Proposed subject: Electromagnetism & Optics, Applied Optics and Lasers, Dynamics and Oscillating Systems, Waves and Quantum Waves, Special Relativity and Digital Electronics.
Experience: I am interested in taking Physics undergraduate courses, but can also do courses that are on similar topics mentioned above. I recently joined Oxford and was doing supervision for Churchill College, University of Cambridge for most of the above courses. I am very keen to take teaching responsibilities here and would be glad to discuss my experience with you.
Contact email address: syed.hussain@eng.ox.ac.uk


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