Graduate Training Framework

The Department and University offer a range of training provision which covers research, academic and transferable career skills. Students are expected to take responsibility for shaping their own training, supported by their supervisor. Academic and Research skills form the core of your DPhil course, but Transferable skills are an important part of your graduate studies. There is a requirement for DPhil students to complete 100 hours of broadening skills training, including transferable skills. You will find links to relevant courses that you may, in agreement with your supervisor, find relevant for your research and career on this page. Information about Research Skills needed to carry out research (for example safety courses, courses on how to use equipment and courses on the library resources available to DPhil students are distributed in the first week as a part of your induction.

The Physics Department and MPLS Division offer a wide range of training provision which covers research, academic and transferable career skills. The table below summarises the main transferable skills courses and providers which students are likely to find useful.

Foundation Phase 0-12 months Intensive Research Phase 12-30 months Completion Phase 24+ months Anytime during the DPhil
Foundations for a Successful DPhil Poster Design & Presentation Completing your DPhil Academic English
How to plan your DPhil Scientific Writing: Getting your paper published Viva preparation & practice Thesis & report writing
Managing Your Supervisory Relationship Physics Teaching and Demonstrating Course Scientific Writing: Core Skills

Teaching and Demonstrating Training

Postgraduate students play an integral role in the demonstrating and teaching of undergraduate courses. There is a teaching training course held in September which is mandatory for all incoming second year graduate students who are interested in teaching. The course is also recommended for post-docs. Information on the course will be distributed via email each year.

MPLS Training

MPLS Division Training Website

The MPLS Division's Traning site provides information about skills training taking place within the MPLS Division, and allows you to register for Divisional training courses, learn more about the skills framework, sign up to the Division's Facebook page, and get news updates on available skills training. Many of the courses in the table above are provided by MPLS. The MPLS Division Course Programme can be found here.

Graduate Academic Programme/Researcher Training Tool - requires SSO

Researcher Training information site. This site contains information about Academic skills and lecture courses/subjects that form an extension to, and fill gaps in, undergraduate knowledge. DPhil students are expected to attend Departmental Graduate lectures and Seminars as advised by your Subdepartment. Courses offered by other departments and training providers can also be found on this link.

Oxford University IT department offers an extensive learning portfolio.

Oxford University ITLP offer many IT-related courses.