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Exam Wellbeing

Examination Schools have collaborated with the Counselling Service and the AAD Communications team to create the Exam Wellbeing campaign to advertise the supportive resources available to students preparing for exams. The Counselling Service has also produced an online guide for students available online at

Women in Physics

The Women in Physics mission is to create a supportive environment for everyone within physics and that means everyone has a role to play. We organise a series of events throughout the year to help promote networking and diversity in physics at Oxford.

Contact Karen Hampson to find out more.

Institute of Physics (IoP)

Physics Ambassador Scheme

Are you interested in promoting physics to young people, helping out at our public events or supporting students in making decisions about university? Then why not join our new Physics Ambassador Scheme! To register your interest, please complete this short online form and I’ll be in touch: Sign-up form.

Dr Kathryn Boast
Access Officer
T: 01865 (2)82336 E:


Access and Diversity

  • Students needed to help with ‘Preparing for the PAT’ online course - deadline 28 April 2021

We are putting together a team of student mentors to support our ‘Preparing for the PAT’ online course this summer (July – Oct). The course is designed to help UK state school students with preparing for the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) by developing their problem-solving skills and applying them to challenging physics and past PAT questions. As a course mentor, you oversee a group of 10 school students from under-represented or less-advantaged backgrounds as they work through teaching sessions and online assignments. This would involve some online teaching / presenting as well as marking and giving feedback on the students’ work. Course mentors are paid at demonstrator rate (£14.49 per hour).

The course is always appreciated by those who take it (last year, 98% said they would recommend it to someone in their position) and the mentoring always comes out as one of the best aspects, so it’s definitely a chance for you to make a difference. You can find out more information about the course at

If you are interested in applying for this role, please complete this form ( by Wednesday 28th April. We will then invite shortlisted candidates for a brief interview the following week.

If you have any questions, please email Kathryn, the Physics Access Officer via

Summer Student Positions/Summer Schools

  • Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science (OxCHEDS): Undergraduate Summer Project 2021 - deadline week 3 Trinity term 2021

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Rapidly Compressed Matter

We are offering a summer project to use multi-million atom molecular dynamics simulations to study matter that is compressed on very rapid (sub-nanosecond) timescales.

Laser compression experiments allow for the study of material behaviour of solids at high pressures, many times greater than those found at the centre of the Earth. Under the extreme conditions found in these experiments, materials begin to flow plastically as a result of the movement of defects in their crystal structure, known as dislocations. This project will use the molecular dynamics package LAMMPS to perform atomistic simulations of two metals with face-centred cubic structures (Cu and Au) under compression and use state-of-the-art analysis software to track the positions and key characteristics of individual dislocations as the dislocation networks evolve over time. Such analysis will provide important information to interpret any differences observed in the slip system activity of these materials and inform multiscale material models that will be used to simulate and interpret future experiments.

We are looking for an enthusiastic student with good computational skills and knowledge of one of Matlab/Python/C/C++ programming languages. The project will be jointly managed by Oxford and AWE, as part of the OxCHEDS collaboration. The length of the project is flexible, but will be at least 6 weeks. The department is committed to remunerating all projects at a rate of at least the living wage, [around £350 per week (subject to tax and National Insurance deductions)]. The project is full-time but hours can be discussed with your supervisor. Please note that projects are not available to applicants that require a work permit.

Interested students should send a very short CV (less than 2 pages), and statement of interest to the OxCHEDS academic co-ordinator, Dr Patrick Heighway ( by the end of 3rd week of Trinity Term.

  • BDI Summer Studentship Programme

Applications for the BDI Summer Studentship Programme are now open. The programme will take place remotely over the summer (June – August). Students will be working remotely with health data scientists of the BDI and will get a flavour of the breadth of research being undertaken at this interdisciplinary institute. BDI researchers work on data acquisition, curation, computation and analysis pipelines (either in specific medical domains or on more general methodological and technical innovations), as well as in relevant areas of ethics, governance and policy.

Please visit for more information.

  • Summer studentship in Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Planetary Physics, Oxford

Please see webpage for details.


  • Particle Physics Summer Internship Programme 2021

Please see:

University Careers Service

  • How to make the most of the Careers Service

This new, pocket guide to the Careers Service will be available at fairs, 1:1s and the Careers Service - and of course online


  • PhD Studentship: Thermal Modelling of Spent Fuel Drying - University of Bristol - deadline 25 June 2021


  • PhD position at the University of Glasgow

Fully funded 3.5 year PhD position available to commence on 1st October 2021 in the Docampo research group at the University of Glasgow. For EU(settled status)/UK only.

This project is cantered on improving the performance and stability of perovskite solar cells. These devices are low-cost and printable, and have the potential to revolutionise solar power generation. This project will take advantage of our recent development of a perovskite solar cell device architecture that includes a novel type of 2D-layered structures as the charge extraction material. These layered materials self-assemble from solution into atomically thin ‘quantum-well’-like structures and their optoelectronic properties can be tuned by the appropriate choice of ligand. The project will thus focus on developing new ‘electronically-active’ ligands to fabricate novel 2D perovskite materials and maximize charge transport in these systems. The developed materials will then be implemented in real-world devices by fabricating and characterizing complete perovskite solar cells with the overarching goal of improving their performance and stability.

The student can expect to become an expert in solar cell fabrication and characterization through hands-on experience in the design, synthesis and analysis of all the device layers, electronic measurements, solar cell device physics, crystallographic techniques as well as transient spectroscopy techniques.

Prospective candidates should contact Dr Docampo for information by email – – with a CV and cover letter, as soon as possible.

  • PhD and Postdoc opportunities at FAU-Erlangen-Nürnberg

Prof. Tobias Reichenbach is setting up a new group at FAU-Erlangen-Nürnberg, as part of the university’s new department for AI in biomedical engineering (AIBE). Tobias originally trained in statistical physics, and has since carried out extensive research into the biophysics and neuroscience of the human auditory system.

Tobias’ current research interests surround continuous speech processing, and the remarkable ability of humans to comprehend speech in noise. For more details of his recent work, please refer to his website:

If you are interested in sensory neuroscience, AI and machine learning, or developing clinical neurotechnology such as smart hearing aids, please get in touch with Tobias directly to find out more about potential projects and funding:

  • Opportunity to Teach Physics at a leading HMC/GSA School

Woldingham School is situated in a most beautiful part of the country, among 700 acres of Surrey hills, yet just inside the M25. It is an independent, Catholic girls’ boarding school and only 25 minutes from London on the train; there is a rail station on-site which makes access to London easy for students and staff. It is a forward-looking, progressive school which attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds in the UK and overseas, including some students who are on full bursaries. The school is committed to being a diverse, inclusive community which supports both students and teachers on their individual learning journeys. The school’s academic results are excellent: 72% A*/A at A Level, 81% 9-7 at GCSE in 2020.
We can offer an excellent induction and training programme, with content delivered both in-house and with a PGCE with QTS accreditation from The University of Buckingham, which will be funded by Woldingham. Upon completion of the PGCE with QTS, candidates then will complete their NQT induction programme at the school following the ISTIP Teacher Induction programme.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email on or phone on 01883 349431

  • University of Chicago PhD program

Here at the University of Chicago we have created a unique program that blends physics chemistry and engineering in an exceptional PhD program. Our research program spans the full scope of quantum science and engineering. We are particularly excited about the highly successful cross-disciplinary collaborations that have led to new, innovative research directions. We have many new faculty members as well as new funding programs and world-class facilities available to our graduate students, including state-of-the-art laboratories, computational resources, and nanofabrication facilities, housed in a brand-new research building. Furthermore, UChicago’s proximity and close connections to Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab amplify the resources and research opportunities available to our students.

To apply to our PhD program:
•Department of Physics:
•Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering:

  • Airbus Graduate Programme

We will soon be opening Applications for our UK Graduate Programme.

In a nutshell
We are looking for graduates with commitment and enthusiasm who want to be part of a high-tech, innovative and global organisation. Our graduate programme will prepare you with the skills you need to progress and develop your talents.
With Airbus, you will be taking the first small steps towards an exciting career. Our two-year Graduate Programme (three years for finance positions) allows you to play a pivotal role in current and future projects within either our commercial aircraft or defence & space divisions.

Airbus graduates have a fantastic chance to learn invaluable skills while developing personal and technical abilities. During the programme, you will build a comprehensive understanding of what we do and how we do it. The focused training and structured placements ensure you are fully equipped for your future career at Airbus.
It’s not only engineers we are looking for! The world is changing fast and we are also seeking graduates to help us to develop our cyber and digital capabilities. Additionally, we need graduates to join us in finance, HR, ICT, marketing, sales, project management and procurement roles. Our opportunities are located across the UK including sites in Filton (Bristol) and Broughton (near Chester) for Commercial Aircraft, and Portsmouth, Stevenage & Newport for Defence & Space.
We offer a flexible programme, allowing you the chance to tailor your experience to combine a number of rotational placements with specialist training in the UK, as well as opportunities for European and international placements.
We are looking for high-achieving, motivated graduates who are fluent in written and spoken English. If you share our passion for what Airbus does and show a drive for excellence then this is your chance to be part of the next chapter of our unique and exciting story.

Training and development
From day one, you will be assigned to a particular department and will be guided through the various placement opportunities that exist within your function and the wider business. The programme includes core technical and behavioural training elements that will form an integral part of your learning and help you become familiar with the company and its culture.
Placements in Defence & Space allow you to be involved in one of our graduate projects which means you can either work on a short technical project or work with various universities to develop key relationships with future graduates.
Within Commercial Aircraft, graduates are encouraged to study towards professional accreditation and will often be supported financially to do this. It means you could work towards chartered status from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, the IET or the Royal Aeronautical Engineering Society. Chartership can also be achieved from bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

You will also have considerable support during the scheme to ensure that your overall learning experience will complement your future career.

  • DPhil projects available in Atomic and Laser Physics

There are DPhil projects available for experimental work in Atomic and Laser Physics, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Foot from whom further information is available.

1. Quantum Technology for Fundamental Physics
Development of cold-atom sources and laser systems for large-scale atom interferometry. This is part of the AION project developing a new type of dark-matter and gravity wave detector. See

2. Quantum simulation of non-equilibrium physics using ultracold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates.

3. Collaborative work with the National Physical Laboratory on laser cooled atoms for precision measurements (in particular atomic strontium).


Paid opportunities

Please see the Access section above for paid access work.

Student societies

  • Quantum Information Society

Oxford's new Quantum Information Society has launched! From foundational physics to quantum technologies and learning to code on real quantum computers, we have exciting talks, discussions, tours and workshops planned for Michaelmas and beyond.

  • Physics Society
  • Oxford University Scientific Society

New! Oxford University Scientific Society have worked with the Careers Service in designing this survey to gather careers-related feedback from students studying a scientific discipline. Filling in this survey will be beneficial in tailoring the Careers Service to ensure it meet the needs of the scientific student population at Oxford.
You can fill this survey in anonymously, however you may wish to fill in your email address to enter the prize draw for £10 Amazon vouchers. Please use this link to participate:

Established in 1882, OUSS is the oldest student-run science society in the world. For those who are not familiar with what we do, ordinarily, at this point in term we would be busy hosting speakers from a variety of backgrounds and organising social events. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this term we have moved online, and virtual events are well underway.

In the past few years, the OUSS have hosted hundreds of speakers, 18 of which were Nobel Prize winners. In addition, the committee hosts social and careers events to foster an interdisciplinary scientific community within the university.

If you are one of our old friends (i.e. already subscribed to our mailing list), you would have received an email last week about us moving our mailing list. The new mailing list will allow us to target different events at different audiences, connect like-minded people together, and much more. We are planning to reach out to as many people as possible, whether you are a student, a researcher, an experienced academic staff, as long as you are interested in science, it would be wonderful to have you on board!

Sign-up by filling out this Google Form:, it should only take 2 minutes of your time!

Thank you for your attention, keep well, and we hope to meet you again in the future. For any queries, please contact us at:
Facebook page:

  • Oxford University Aeronautical Society - AerOx

Other opportunities

  • Theoretical Neuroscience Research Opportunity - deadline 31 May 2021

Please see:

  • Nightline

Nightline is an independent listening, support, and information service run for students, by students. We aim to provide every student in Oxford with the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence – This term, students can ring us on 01865 270270, Skype us at 'oxfordnightline' or message us online at from 8pm - 2am every day and 8pm-8am on Fridays and Sundays from Week 0 - 9. We aim to return to full listening hours as soon as possible with easing restrictions. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, or try to solve people's problems, but we care about whatever is on your mind and we will listen to whatever you want to talk about without judging or telling you what to do.

Every term we run a training course for people who wish to join our team of volunteers. This teaches the listening and support skills you will need to work for us. Training requires commitment, but is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It consists of three one-day sessions, either on the Saturdays of 8th, 15th and 22nd of May (Oxford University 2nd-4th week) or the Sundays of 9th, 16th and 23rd of May (Oxford University 3rd-5th week).

If you would like to train to become a Nightline volunteer, please fill out a training form here:
If you would like more information about the training process, or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at

We are also always looking for new volunteers to join our Publicity, Fundraising and Outreach team (PFO). PFO volunteers act as ambassadors for Nightline by talking to students and organising events in their colleges and departments. It is not a large time commitment – you can do as much or as little as you have time for – and there are lots of opportunities to learn valuable skills and play a leading role in informing our publicity strategy. If you've got a flair for publicity or an interest in charity PR, please get in touch at – we'd love to hear from you!

  • Graduate Opportunity with Teach First

Teach First is a charity whose aim is to end educational inequality in the UK. They offer a two-year salaried teacher Training Programme by the end of which you will have earned a (fully-funded) Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Leadership (PGDE). Their graduates are placed in areas of the country where they are needed most and are supported and trained while they teach.
Over 50% of places on the programme have been filled for the next academic year. To give yourself the best chance of being assigned to teach the subject you want in the area you want, it is best to start an application sooner rather than later.
Do reach out to the Physics Teach First Campus Rep, Alex (, if you would like to hear more and he would be happy to take you for a coffee.

If you would like to place an advert on this page or if you spot a mistake, please contact Hannah Glanville.