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raise a request to order (RTO)

In order to raise a request to order (RTO) you will first need a valid Physics Network account. This is generally in the form of PHYSICS\<username> where <username> is the account name you would log in to on a Windows System (and the password is the same as used with this account). Any queries about this should be sent to ITSupport [at] physics [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk

The RTO pages are located at:

Once you are logged in, you can then follow the on-screen instructions.

find earlier publications from the Physics library?

From 1st March 2005 the Physics departmental libraries ceased to exist. A lot of the former library material is still kept in the Clarendon or Denys Wilkinson Building laboratories. You can see a list of collections at:

contact the web team about this site?

Any questions about the website or problems that you want to report should be sent to:

physicsweb [at] physics [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk

We will also happily accept useful suggestions of what you would like to see in this "How Do I?" section.

contact the Finance department?

A list of Finance contacts can be found on their website at the following location:

This also details the roles they are involved with.

find or offer accommodation?

If you login using your Physics Networking account, you are able to both look for accommodation or offer accommodation.

If you add an entry to the system, you will receive an email list of what you are advertising for, and any related entries are emailed to you. If you manage to fulfill your requirements, you need to login and remove yourself from the system so the emails will stop.

Please Note: It is advised that you post as little personal information as you can for security purposes (eg. addresses, personal circumstances etc).

edit web pages or my profile?

We have a Newcomers' guide to the web which is designed for people who are new to editing on the site or have just started in the department.