1/20th scale 3d model of the WEAVE positioner design WEAVE is a new wide-field spectroscopy facility proposed for the prime focus of the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope. The facility comprises a new 2 degree field of view prime focus corrector with a 1000-multiplex fibre positioner, a small number of individually deployable integral field units, and a large single integral field unit. The IFUs and the MOS fibres can be used to feed a dual-beam spectrograph that will provide full coverage of the majority of the visible spectrum in a single exposure at a spectral resolution of ~5000 or modest wavelength coverage in both arms at a resolution ~20000. The instrument is expected to be commissioned on-sky during 2019 to provide spectroscopic sampling of the fainter end of the Gaia astrometric catalogue, chemical labelling of stars to V~17, and dedicated follow up of substantial numbers of sources from the medium deep LOFAR surveys.

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