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Optical integral field spectroscopy of intermediate redshift infrared bright galaxies

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societ Oxford University Press 486 (2019) 5621-5645

M Pereira-Santaella, D Rigopoulou, GE Magdis, N Thatte, A Alonso-Herrero, F Clarke, D Farrah, S García-Burillo, L Hogan, S Morris, M Rodrigues, J-S Huang, M Tecza

The extreme infrared (IR) luminosity of local luminous and ultraluminous IR galaxies (U/LIRGs; 11 < logLIR/L < 12 and logLIR/L > 12, respectively) is mainly powered by star formation processes triggered by mergers or interactions. While U/LIRGs are rare locally, at z > 1, they become more common, dominate the star formation rate (SFR) density, and a fraction of them are found to be normal disc galaxies. Therefore, there must be an evolution of the mechanism triggering these intense starbursts with redshift. To investigate this evolution, we present new optical SWIFT integral field spectroscopic H α + [N II] observations of a sample of nine intermediate-z (0.2

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