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MOSAIC: the ELT Multi-Object Spectrograph

Proceedings of SPIE Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (2018)

P Jagourel, E Fitzsimons, F Hammer, F de Frondat Laadim, M Puech, CJ Evans, I Guinouard, F Chemla, M Frotin, Y Yang, P Parr-Burman, T Morris, M Dubbeldam, M Close, K Middleton, G Rousset, E Gendron, A Kelz, A Janssen, J Pragt, R Navarro, M Larrieu, K El Hadi, K Dohlen

Following a successful Phase A study, we introduce the delivered conceptual design of the MOSAIC1 multi-object spectrograph for the ESO Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). MOSAIC will provide R~5000 spectroscopy over the full 460-1800 nm range, with three additional high-resolution bands (R~15000) targeting features of particular interest. MOSAIC will combine three operational modes, enabling integrated-light observations of up to 200 sources on the sky (high-multiplex mode) or spectroscopy of 10 spatially-extended fields via deployable integral-field units: MOAO6 assisted high-definition (HDM) and Visible IFUs (VIFU). We will summarise key features of the sub-systems of the design, e.g. the smart tiled focal-plane for target selection and the multi-object adaptive optics used to correct for atmospheric turbulence, and present the next steps toward the construction phase.

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