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Corrigendum to: Further Evidence of a Brown Dwarf Orbiting the Post-Common Envelope Eclipsing Binary V470 Cam (HS 0705+6700)

Open Astronomy (2018)

AE Lynas-Gray, D Bogensberger, FRASER Clarke

© 2018 D. Bogensberger, published by De Gruyter. "Eclipse times for HS 0705+6700 which Bogensberger et al. (2017, Open Astronomy 26, 134, their table 2) list are exposure-start times; times of mid-exposure are obtained by adding thirty seconds (0.00035 days) to each entry. Third body orbital parameterswhich Bogensberger et al. deduce are superseded by the analysis of more recent data, to be the subject of a future publication".

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