Our current research can be broken into two main themes:

Experiments using a Bose-Einstein condensate of Rb-87
Elliot Bentine, Kathrin Luksch, Adam Barker, Shinichi Sunami, Ben Yuen and Christopher Foot

  • Confining BECs in tunable trapping geometries, such as double wells and quasi-2d potentials
  • Species-selective manipulation of multi-component quantum gases
  • Spectroscopy of BECs dressed with a multimode RF field
  • Investigating out-of-equilibrium dynamics and universality in 2d quantum gases

Development and production of modular cold atom sources
Sean Ravenhall, Dongyang Xu, Rowan Moore, Ben Yuen and Christopher Foot

  • High-flux, modular cold atom source of Rb
  • Strongly-collimated effusion oven and 2d/ 3d magneto-optical trap for Sr
  • Modular cold atom source of K

Further details on current experiments and developments can be found in the topics listed right.