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Status of the TORCH time-of-flight detector

Journal of Instrumentation Institute of Physics 12 (2017) C11026-

N Harnew, NH Brook, LC Castillo García, D Cussans, MWU van Dijk, K Föhl, R Forty, C Frei, R Gao, T Gys, TH Hancock, D Piedigrossi, J Rademacker, AR Ros García

The TORCH time-of-flight detector is designed for large-area coverage, up to 30m^2, to provide particle identification between 2-10 GeV/c momentum over a flight distance of 10 m. The arrival times from Cherenkov photons produced within a quartz radiator plate of 10mm thickness are combined to achieve a 15 ps time-of-flight resolution per incident particle. Micro-Channel Plate Photomultiplier Tube (MCP-PMT) detectors of 53 X 53mm^2 active area have been developed with industrial partners for the TORCH application. The MCP-PMT is read out using charge division to give a 128 X 8 effective granularity. Laboratory results of development MCP-PMTs will be described, and testbeam studies using a small-scale TORCH prototype module will be presented.

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