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Study of bb¯ correlations in high energy proton-proton collisions

Journal of High Energy Physics Springer 2017 (2017) 30-

B Adeva, R Aaij, M Adinolfi, M Bjørn, P Gandini, T Evans, BR Gruberg Cazon, T Hadavizadeh, TH Hancock, N Harnew, D Hill, PG Jalocha, NP Jurik, MJJ John, S Malde, AK Nandi, HL Pullen, M Vesterinen, A Rollings, GR Wilkinson

Kinematic correlations for pairs of beauty hadrons, produced in high energy proton-proton collisions, are studied. The data sample used was collected with the LHCb experiment at centre-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb^−1 . The measurement is performed using inclusive b → J/ψX decays in the rapidity range 2 < y J/ψ < 4.5. The observed correlations are in good agreement with theoretical predictions.

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