Universal Magnetic Hall Circuit Based on Paired Spin Heterostructures

The merit of advanced hybrid memory and logic devices not only lies in their high performance and superior functionalities but also their capability to establish a complete computational system, including full memory and logic functionalities. In this paper, a novel, ultrahigh-performance device concept for hybrid memory and logic applications is presented, which relies on spin-based magnetic Hall measurements. Employing a pair of spintronic heterostructures, the new system shows flexible functionality as both a robust memory element and a complex logic device. The building blocks of this universal magneto-Hall circuit are experimentally demonstrated, based on the paired heterostructures. Combined with a new type of circuit, this design paves the way for robust room-temperature spintronics.

Also on the cover: In article number 1400054, S.-L. Zhang and co-workers demonstrate a new combined memory and logic magnetic device, designed as an analog to a balance, which utilizes the anomalous Hall effect. Artificially quantizing the electric response of the thin ferromagnetic layers in the device, a number flexible spintronic devices can be realized, which form a universal circuit.

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