Experimental Facilities

We focus on the growth of topological insulators, skyrmion materials and magnetic oxides through molecular beam epitaxy, sputtering and chemical vapor deposition. Topological insulators are a cutting edge class of materials where only the surface states are conducting, but perfectly so, and have transformative potential for the electronics industry. We seek to probe the resilience and character of his topological state through high-precision growth techniques that allow us to minutely tune properties, such as through doping with ferromagnetic ions, bilayering or cleaving. Our characterization methods include X-ray diffraction and reflectometry, muon spin rotation, ferromagnetic resonance and ARPES. Our fortunate position in close proximity to world lead facilities gives us access to a diverse community of scientific knowledge as well as second-to-none experiments through which we study our samples and push at the boundaries of our current understanding. Experimental work is carried out at large scale research facilities including DLS, ISIS, ESRF, ALS, Bessy, PSI and FRMII.