Publications associated with Theoretical Astrophysics & Plasma Physics

Electro-optic probe measurements of electric fields in plasmas.

The Review of scientific instruments 88 (2017) 023501-

M Nishiura, Z Yoshida, T Mushiake, Y Kawazura, R Osawa, K Fujinami, Y Yano, H Saitoh, M Yamasaki, A Kashyap, N Takahashi, M Nakatsuka, A Fukuyama

The direct measurements of high-frequency electric fields in a plasma bring about significant advances in the physics and engineering of various waves. We have developed an electro-optic sensor system based on the Pockels effect. Since the signal is transmitted through an optical fiber, the system has high tolerance for electromagnetic noises. To demonstrate its applicability to plasma experiments, we report the first result of measurement of the ion-cyclotron wave excited in the RT-1 magnetosphere device. This study compares the results of experimental field measurements with simulation results of electric fields in plasmas.

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