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Extreme Plasma Astrophysics

Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society American Astronomical Society 51 (2019) 362

D Uzdensky, M Begelman, A Beloborodov, R Blandford, S Boldyrev, B Cerutti, F Fiuza, D Giannios, T Grismayer, M Kunz, N Loureiro, M Lyutikov, M Medvedev, M Petropoulou, A Philippov, E Quataert, A Schekochihin, K Schoeffler, L Silva, L Sironi, A Spitkovsky, G Werner, V Zhdankin, J Zrake, E Zweibel

This is a science white paper submitted to the Astro-2020 and Plasma-2020 Decadal Surveys. The paper describes the present status and emerging opportunities in Extreme Plasma Astrophysics -- a study of astrophysically-relevant plasma processes taking place under extreme conditions that necessitate taking into account relativistic, radiation, and QED effects.

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