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Measurement of quasielastic-like neutrino scattering at (E-v) similar to 3.5 GeV on a hydrocarbon target

Physical Review D American Physical Society 99 (2019) 012004

D Ruterbories, K Hurtado, J Osta, F Akbar, L Aliaga, DA Andrade, MV Ascencio, A Bashyal, A Bercellie, M Betancourt, A Bodek, H Budd, G Caceres, T Cai, MF Carneiro, J Chaves, D Coplowe, H Da Motta, GA Diaz, J Felix, L Fields, A Filkins, R Fine, AM Gago

MINERvA presents a new analysis of neutrino induced quasielastic-like interactions in a hydrocarbon tracking target. We report a double-differential cross section using the muon transverse and longitudinal momentum. In addition, differential cross sections as a function of the square of the four-momentum transferred and the neutrino energy are calculated using a quasielastic hypothesis. Finally, an analysis of energy deposited near the interaction vertex is presented. These results are compared to modified genie predictions as well as a NuWro prediction. All results use a data set produced by 3.34×1020 protons on target creating a neutrino beam with a peak energy of approximately 3.5 GeV.

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