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Research and development for near detector systems towards long term evolution of ultra-precise long-baseline neutrino experiments


AK Topaksu, E Blucher, B Andrieu, J Bian, B Roe, G Horton-Smith, Y Hayato, JA Caballero, J Sinclair, Y Kudenko, L Patrizi, L Stanco, M Tenti, GD Megias, N Jachowicz, O Benhar, G Ricciardi, S Roth, S Manly, M Stipcevi, D Meloni, I Ruiz, J Sobczyk, L Alvarez-Ruso, M Martini

With the discovery of non-zero value of θ13 mixing angle, the next generation of longbaseline neutrino (LBN) experiments offers the possibility of obtaining statistically significant samples of muon and electron neutrinos and anti-neutrinos with large oscillation effects. In this document we intend to highlight the importance of Near Detector facilities in LBN experiments to both constrain the systematic uncertainties affecting oscillation analyses but also to perform, thanks to their close location, measurements of broad benefit for LBN physics goals. A strong European contribution to these efforts is possible.

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