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Ionization electron signal processing in single phase LArTPCs: Part I Algorithm description and quantitative evaluation with MicroBooNE simulation

Journal of Instrumentation IOP Science 13 (2018)

A Diaz, S Dytman, B Eberly, A Ereditato, L Escudero Sanchez, J Esquivel, AA Fadeeva, JJ Evans, BT Fleming, W Foreman, AP Furmanski, D Garcia-Gamez, GT Garvey, V Genty, D Goeldi, E Gramellini, S Gollapinni, H Greenlee, R Grosso, R Guenette, P Guzowski, A Hackenburg, P Hamilton, O Hen, J Hewes

We describe the concept and procedure of drifted-charge extraction developed in the MicroBooNE experiment, a single-phase liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC). This technique converts the raw digitized TPC waveform to the number of ionization electrons passing through a wire plane at a given time. A robust recovery of the number of ionization electrons from both induction and collection anode wire planes will augment the 3D reconstruction, and is particularly important for tomographic reconstruction algorithms. A number of building blocks of the overall procedure are described. The performance of the signal processing is quantitatively evaluated by comparing extracted charge with the true charge through a detailed TPC detector simulation taking into account position-dependent induced current inside a single wire region and across multiple wires. Some areas for further improvement of the performance of the charge extraction procedure are also discussed.

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