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Measurement of the multiple-muon charge ratio in the MINOS Far Detector

Physical Review D American Physical Society 93 (2016) ARTN 052017-

P Adamson, I Anghel, A Aurisano, G Barr, M Bishai, A Blake, GJ Bock, D Bogert, SV Cao, TJ Carroll, CM Castromonte, R Chen, S Childress, JAB Coelho, L Corwin, D Cronin-Hennessy, JK De Jong, S De Rijck, AV Devan, NE Devenish, MV Diwan, CO Escobar, JJ Evans, E Falk, GJ Feldman

The charge ratio, Rμ=Nμ+/Nμ−, for cosmogenic multiple-muon events observed at an underground depth of 2070 mwe has been measured using the magnetized MINOS Far Detector. The multiple-muon events, recorded nearly continuously from August 2003 until April 2012, comprise two independent data sets imaged with opposite magnetic field polarities, the comparison of which allows the systematic uncertainties of the measurement to be minimized. The multiple-muon charge ratio is determined to be Rμ=1.104±0.006(stat)+0.009−0.010(syst). This measurement complements previous determinations of single-muon and multiple-muon charge ratios at underground sites and serves to constrain models of cosmic-ray interactions at TeV energies.

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