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Precision Constraints for Three-Flavor Neutrino Oscillations from the Full MINOS+ and MINOS Dataset.

Physical review letters 125 (2020) 131802-

P Adamson, I Anghel, A Aurisano, G Barr, A Blake, SV Cao, TJ Carroll, CM Castromonte, R Chen, S Childress, JAB Coelho, S De Rijck, JJ Evans, GJ Feldman, W Flanagan, M Gabrielyan, S Germani, RA Gomes, P Gouffon, N Graf, K Grzelak, A Habig, SR Hahn, J Hartnell, R Hatcher, A Holin, J Huang, LW Koerner, M Kordosky, A Kreymer, K Lang, P Lucas, WA Mann, ML Marshak, N Mayer, R Mehdiyev, JR Meier, WH Miller, G Mills, D Naples, JK Nelson, RJ Nichol, J O'Connor, RB Pahlka, Ž Pavlović, G Pawloski, A Perch, MM Pfützner, DD Phan, RK Plunkett, N Poonthottathil, X Qiu, A Radovic, P Sail, MC Sanchez, J Schneps, A Schreckenberger, R Sharma, A Sousa, N Tagg, J Thomas, MA Thomson, A Timmons, J Todd, SC Tognini, R Toner, D Torretta, P Vahle, A Weber, LH Whitehead, SG Wojcicki, <math xmlns="" display="inline"><mrow><mi>MINOS</mi><mo>+</mo></mrow></math> Collaboration

We report the final measurement of the neutrino oscillation parameters Δm_{32}^{2} and sin^{2}θ_{23} using all data from the MINOS and MINOS+ experiments. These data were collected using a total exposure of 23.76×10^{20} protons on target producing ν_{μ} and ν[over ¯]_{μ} beams and 60.75 kt yr exposure to atmospheric neutrinos. The measurement of the disappearance of ν_{μ} and the appearance of ν_{e} events between the Near and Far detectors yields |Δm_{32}^{2}|=2.40_{-0.09}^{+0.08}(2.45_{-0.08}^{+0.07})×10^{-3}  eV^{2} and sin^{2}θ_{23}=0.43_{-0.04}^{+0.20}(0.42_{-0.03}^{+0.07}) at 68% C.L. for normal (inverted) hierarchy.

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