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Search for neutral-current induced single photon production at the ND280 near detector in T2K

Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics IOP Publishing 46 (2019) 08LT01

K Abe, G Barr, M Batkiewicz-Kwasniak, FD Lodovico, N Dokania, S Dolan, O Drapier, KE Duffy, S Emery-Schrenk, P Hamacher-Baumann, M Hartz, A Hiramoto, NTH Van, T Lindner, RP Litchfield, X Li, A Longhin, JP Lopez, T Lou, L Ludovici, X Lu, T Lux, L Magaletti, K Mahn, JF Martin

All rights reserved. Neutrino neutral-current (NC) induced single photon production is a subleading order process for accelerator-based neutrino beam experiments including T2K. It is, however, an important process to understand because it is a background for electron (anti)neutrino appearance oscillation experiments. Here, we performed the first search of this process below 1 GeV using the finegrained detector at the T2K ND280 off-axis near detector. By reconstructing single photon kinematics from electron positron pairs, we achieved 95% pure gamma ray sample from 5.738 1020 protons-on-targets neutrino mode data. We do not find positive evidence of NC induced single photon production in this sample. We set the model-dependent upper limit on the cross-section for this process, at 0.114 10-38 cm2 (90% C.L.) per nucleon, using the J-PARC off-axis neutrino beam with an average energy of .En. ~ 0.6 GeV. This is the first limit on this process below 1.GeV which is important for current and future oscillation experiments looking for electron neutrino appearance oscillation signals.

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