Publications associated with Spin Electronics

Structural characterization of epitaxial Co-Ag

J APPL PHYS 79 (1996) 6247-6249

A Azizi, L ElChahal, K Ounadjela, JP Deville, SM Thompson, JF Gregg

Co-Ag granular films are prepared by molecular-beam epitaxy to enable a detailed structural study to be conducted in conjunction with magnetotransport properties. It is demonstrated that the shape, size, location, and segregation of the magnetic Co grains and the morphology of the surface depend on the growth temperature. Detailed transmission electron microscopy reveals inherent differences between samples prepared at room temperature and those prepared at high temperature. Small clusters of only a few atoms are found to be present in the matrix of the low-temperature samples significantly affecting the spin diffusion length. Well-crystallized regions of both Co and Ag are found in the high-temperature samples, however, the Co grains remain relatively small in size even at the highest growth temperatures. (C) 1996 American Institute of Physics.

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