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New measurements of the transverse beam asymmetry for elastic electron scattering from selected nuclei

Physical Review Letters 109 (2012)

S Abrahamyan, A Acha, A Afanasev, Z Ahmed, H Albataineh, K Aniol, DS Armstrong, W Armstrong, J Arrington, T Averett, B Babineau, SL Bailey, J Barber, A Barbieri, A Beck, V Bellini, R Beminiwattha, H Benaoum, J Benesch, F Benmokhtar, P Bertin, T Bielarski, W Boeglin, P Bosted, F Butaru, E Burtin, J Cahoon, A Camsonne, M Canan, P Carter, CC Chang, GD Cates, YC Chao, C Chen, JP Chen, S Choi, E Chudakov, E Cisbani, B Craver, F Cusanno, MM Dalton, R De Leo, K De Jager, W Deconinck, P Decowski, D Deepa, X Deng, A Deur, D Dutta, A Etile, C Ferdi, RJ Feuerbach, JM Finn, D Flay, GB Franklin, M Friend, S Frullani, E Fuchey, SA Fuchs, K Fuoti, F Garibaldi, E Gasser, R Gilman, A Giusa, A Glamazdin, LE Glesener, J Gomez, M Gorchtein, J Grames, K Grimm, C Gu, O Hansen, J Hansknecht, O Hen, DW Higinbotham, RS Holmes, T Holmstrom, CJ Horowitz, J Hoskins, J Huang, TB Humensky, CE Hyde, H Ibrahim, F Itard, CM Jen, E Jensen, X Jiang, G Jin, S Johnston, J Katich

We have measured the beam-normal single-spin asymmetry A n in the elastic scattering of 1-3 GeV transversely polarized electrons from H1 and for the first time from He4, C12, and Pb208. For H1, He4, and C12, the measurements are in agreement with calculations that relate A n to the imaginary part of the two-photon exchange amplitude including inelastic intermediate states. Surprisingly, the Pb208 result is significantly smaller than the corresponding prediction using the same formalism. These results suggest that a systematic set of new A n measurements might emerge as a new and sensitive probe of the structure of heavy nuclei. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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