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Constraints on the nucleon strange form factors at Q<sup>2</sup>∼ 0.1  GeV<sup>2</sup>

Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics 635 (2006) 275-279

KA Aniol, DS Armstrong, T Averett, H Benaoum, PY Bertin, E Burtin, J Cahoon, GD Cates, CC Chang, YC Chao, JP Chen, S Choi, E Chudakov, B Craver, F Cusanno, P Decowski, D Deepa, C Ferdi, RJ Feuerbach, JM Finn, S Frullani, K Fuoti, F Garibaldi, R Gilman, A Glamazdin, V Gorbenko, JM Grames, J Hansknecht, DW Higinbotham, R Holmes, T Holmstrom, TB Humensky, H Ibrahim, CW de Jager, X Jiang, LJ Kaufman, A Kelleher, A Kolarkar, S Kowalski, KS Kumar, D Lambert, P LaViolette, J LeRose, D Lhuillier, N Liyanage, DJ Margaziotis, M Mazouz, K McCormick, DG Meekins, ZE Meziani, R Michaels, B Moffit, P Monaghan, C Munoz-Camacho, S Nanda, V Nelyubin, D Neyret, KD Paschke, M Poelker, R Pomatsalyuk, Y Qiang, B Reitz, J Roche, A Saha, J Singh, R Snyder, PA Souder, M Stutzman, R Subedi, R Suleiman, V Sulkosky, WA Tobias, GM Urciuoli, A Vacheret, E Voutier, K Wang, R Wilson, B Wojtsekhowski, X Zheng

We report the most precise measurement to date of a parity-violating asymmetry in elastic electron-proton scattering. The measurement was carried out with a beam energy of 3.03 GeV and a scattering angle 〈 θ lab 〉 = 6.0 ○ , with the result A PV = ( - 1.14 ± 0.24 ( stat ) ± 0.06 ( syst ) ) × 10 -6 . From this we extract, at Q 2 = 0.099   GeV 2 , the strange form factor combination {Mathematical expression} where the first two errors are experimental and the last error is due to the uncertainty in the neutron electromagnetic form factor. This result significantly improves current knowledge of G E s and G M s at Q 2 ∼ 0.1   GeV 2 . A consistent picture emerges when several measurements at about the same Q 2 value are combined: G E s is consistent with zero while positive values are favored for G M s , though G E s = G M s = 0 is compatible with the data at 95% C.L. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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