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Cross sections and Rosenbluth separations in H1(e,e<sup>′</sup>K<sup>+</sup>)Λ up to Q2=2.35GeV2

Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics 81 (2010)

M Coman, P Markowitz, KA Aniol, K Baker, WU Boeglin, H Breuer, P Bydẑovský, A Camsonne, J Cha, CC Chang, N Chant, JP Chen, EA Chudakov, E Cisbani, L Cole, F Cusanno, CW De Jager, R De Leo, AP Deur, S Dieterich, F Dohrmann, D Dutta, R Ent, O Filoti, K Fissum, S Frullani, F Garibaldi, O Gayou, F Gilman, J Gomez, P Gueye, JO Hansen, DW Higinbotham, W Hinton, T Horn, B Hu, GM Huber, M Iodice, C Jackson, X Jiang, M Jones, K Kanda, C Keppel, P King, F Klein, K Kozlov, K Kramer, L Kramer, L Lagamba, JJ Lerose, N Liyanage, DJ Margaziotis, S Marrone, K McCormick, RW Michaels, J Mitchell, T Miyoshi, S Nanda, M Palomba, V Pattichio, CF Perdrisat, E Piasetzky, VA Punjabi, B Raue, J Reinhold, B Reitz, RE Roche, P Roos, A Saha, AJ Sarty, Y Sato, S Airca, M Sotona, L Tang, H Ueno, PE Ulmer, GM Urciuoli, A Uzzle, A Vacheret, K Wang, K Wijesooriya, B Wojtsekhowski, S Wood, I Yaron, X Zheng, L Zhu

The kaon electroproduction reaction H1(e,e′K+)Λ was studied as a function of the virtual-photon four-momentum, Q2, total energy, W, and momentum transfer, t, for different values of the virtual-photon polarization parameter. Data were taken at electron beam energies ranging from 3.40 to 5.75GeV. The center of mass cross section was determined for twenty-one kinematics corresponding to Q2 of 1.90 and 2.35GeV2, and the longitudinal, σL, and transverse, σT, cross sections were separated using the Rosenbluth technique at fixed W and t. The separated cross sections reveal a flat energy dependence at forward kaon angles not satisfactorily described by existing electroproduction models. Influence of the kaon pole on the cross sections was investigated by adopting an off-shell form factor in the Regge model, which better describes the observed energy dependence of σT and σL. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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