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Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in the SNO+ Experiment

Prospects in Neutrino Physics (NuPhys2018) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory C18-12-19 (2019)

J Paton

SNO+ is a large multipurpose neutrino detector situated 2km underground at SNOLAB in Sudbury, Canada. It reuses the structure of the SNO experiment with numerous infrastructure upgrades and with heavy water replaced by ultra-pure liquid scintillator. The detector will be loaded with 0.5% natural tellurium in order to search for neutrinoless double beta decay ($0\nu\beta\beta$). The expected sensitivity after 5 years of data taking is T$^{0\nu} _{1/2} > 1.9 \times 10^{26}$ years (90% CL). A future increase in loading could achieve a sensitivity of ${\sim}10^{27}$ years.

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