Currently showing seminars in Aug 2019

When Location Title Speaker Series
15 Aug 2019
501 DWB Validation of gyrokinetic simulations in NSTX and comparisons with a synthetic diagnostic for high-k scatteringJuan Ruiz Ruiz
Plasma Theory Group Seminars
27 Aug 2019
Audrey Wood Seminar Room Special Seminar: Greatly enhanced oxygen diffusion in high temperature superconducting materials (REBCO) under specific atmosphereDr Takanori Motoki
(Department of Physics and Mathematics, Aoyama Gaukin University, Kanagawa, Japan)
Condensed Matter Physics seminar
29 Aug 2019
Dobson Lecture Room Atmos Dynamics / Ice / ExoplanetsResearch Reports
AOPP Research Reports
30 Aug 2019
501 DWB The magic of the transition to high confinement at ASDEX UpgradeGregor Birkenmeier
(IPP Garching)
Plasma Theory Group Seminars