Currently showing seminars in Dec 2020

When Location Title Speaker Series
01 Dec 2020
N/A This Seminar has been postponedProfessor Claire Gwenlan
(University of Oxford)
Experimental Particle Physics Seminar
02 Dec 2020
11:15 Measurement induced phase transition in a monitored fermion chainSebastian Diehl
(University of Cologne)
The Forum
02 Dec 2020
Zoom, link TBC TBC (exoplanets)Davide Gandolfi
(Unversity of Turin)
(SPI-MAX) coffee
03 Dec 2020
Zoom: Twistable electronics with dynamically rotatable heterostructuresRebeca Ribeiro-Palau
(University Paris Sud, Centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology)
Condensed Matter Physics seminar
03 Dec 2020
via Zoom Reconstructing quantum states with generative modelsProf Roger Melko
(University of Waterloo)
Machine Learning and Physics
03 Dec 2020
16:00 Rayleigh operators: from muon conversion to shining dark matterAlexey Petrov
(Wayne State University, Detroit)
Theoretical Particle Physics seminar
03 Dec 2020
13:00 Infrared renormalons in top-mass sensitive observables and kinematic distributions at the LHCSilvia Ferrario Ravasio
Dalitz Seminar in Fundamental Physics
03 Dec 2020
11:30 Do small-scale physical processes matter for marine biogeochemistry responses to Climate Change?Marina Levy
(LOCEAN, Paris)
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics Seminars
03 Dec 2020
Zoom - contact for access. Relics' revolution: the journey of massive, compact and old galaxiesCrescenzo Tortora
(INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte, Naples)
Galaxy Evolution Seminars (Thursdays)
10 Dec 2020
11:30 Impostor syndrome workshop and talkSarah Rugheimer
AOPP Research Reports
17 Dec 2020
11:30 Pre-holidays coffee hourAll groups
AOPP Research Reports