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Enhanced Hole Extraction in Perovskite Solar Cells Through Carbon Nanotubes.

The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (2014) 4207-4212

SN Habisreutinger, T Leijtens, GE Eperon, SD Stranks, RJ Nicholas, HJ Snaith

Here, we report the use of polymer-wrapped carbon nanotubes as a means to enhance charge extraction through undoped spiro-OMeTAD. With this approach a good solar cell performance is achieved without the implementation of conventional doping methods. We demonstrate that a stratified two-layer architecture of sequentially deposited layers of carbon nanotubes and spiro-OMeTAD, outperforms a conventional blend of the hole-conductor and the carbon nanotubes. We also provide insights into the mechanism of the rapid hole extraction observed in the two-layer approach.

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