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Phase space for the breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in epitaxial graphene.

Phys Rev Lett 111 (2013) 096601-

JA Alexander-Webber, AMR Baker, TJBM Janssen, A Tzalenchuk, S Lara-Avila, S Kubatkin, R Yakimova, BA Piot, DK Maude, RJ Nicholas

We report the phase space defined by the quantum Hall effect breakdown in polymer gated epitaxial graphene on SiC (SiC/G) as a function of temperature, current, carrier density, and magnetic fields up to 30 T. At 2 K, breakdown currents (I(c)) almost 2 orders of magnitude greater than in GaAs devices are observed. The phase boundary of the dissipationless state (ρ(xx)=0) shows a [1-(T/T(c))2] dependence and persists up to T(c)>45  K at 29 T. With magnetic field I(c) was found to increase ∝B(3/2) and T(c)∝B2. As the Fermi energy pproaches the Dirac point, the ν=2 quantized Hall plateau appears continuously from fields as low as 1 T up to at least 19 T due to a strong magnetic field dependence of the carrier density.

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