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How lattice dynamics moderate the electronic properties of metal-halide perovskites

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters American Chemical Society 9 (2018) 6853-6863

L Herz

Metal-halide perovskites have emerged as highly promising semiconductors with excellent optoelectronic properties. This Perspective outlines how the dynamic response of the ionic lattice affects key electronic properties such as exciton binding energies and charge-carrier mobilities in hybrid perovskites. Such links are shown to derive from the frequency-dependence of the dielectric function, which is governed by contributions from electronic interband transitions, polar vibrations of the metal-halide sublattice, organic cation collective reorientations, and ionic movement. The influence of each of these contributions to charge-carrier screening and carrier–lattice interactions is discussed, which allows for general trends with material composition to be revealed. Overall, this Perspective highlights the challenges and questions arising from the peculiar combination of a soft polar metal-halide sublattice interspersed with rotationally mobile dipolar molecules that is encountered in hybrid metal-halide perovskites.

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