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Dicyanovinylene-substituted oligothiophenes for organic solar cells

in Advances in Polymer Science, 272 (2017) 51-75

C Koerner, H Ziehlke, R Fitzner, M Riede, A Mishra, P Bï uerle, K Leo

� Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017. We investigate dicyanovinyl-substituted oligothiophene derivatives as absorber materials in organic solar cells. We determine structure–property relationships, which are important for materials design. We demonstrate the influence of those structural changes on the processing ability, energy levels, optical properties, thin-film morphology, and charge transport. Furthermore, we give a detailed picture of the microscopic processes between photon absorption and charge carrier generation, in particular, the importance of triplet exciton losses and a relationship between the yield of charge carrier generation and macroscopic charge-transport properties.

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