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Ordering gold nanoparticles with DNA origami nanoflowers

ACS Nano American Chemical Society 10 (2016) 7303-7306

A Turberfield, R Schreiber, A Ardavan, I Santiago

Nanostructured materials, including plasmonic metamaterials made from gold and silver nanoparticles, provide access to new materials properties. The assembly of nanoparticles into extended arrays can be controlled through surface functionalization and the use of increasingly sophisticated linkers. We present a versatile way to control the bonding symmetry of gold nanoparticles by wrapping them in flower-shaped DNA origami structures. These ‘nanoflowers’ assemble into two-dimensonal gold nanoparticle lattices with symmetries that can be controlled through auxiliary DNA linker strands. Nanoflower lattices are true composites: interactions between the gold nanoparticles are mediated entirely by DNA, and the DNA origami will only fold into its designed form in the presence of the gold nanoparticles.

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