Publications associated with Self-assembled structures and devices

A facile method for reversibly linking a recombinant protein to DNA.

Chembiochem 10 (2009) 1551-1557

RP Goodman, CM Erben, J Malo, WM Ho, ML McKee, AN Kapanidis, AJ Turberfield

We present a facile method for linking recombinant proteins to DNA. It is based on the nickel-mediated interaction between a hexahistidine tag (His(6)-tag) and DNA functionalized with three nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) groups. The resulting DNA-protein linkage is site-specific. It can be broken quickly and controllably by the addition of a chelating agent that binds nickel. We have used this new linker to bind proteins to a variety of DNA motifs commonly used in the fabrication of nanostructures by DNA self-assembly.

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