Publications associated with Self-assembled structures and devices

Towards registered single quantum dot photonic devices.

Nanotechnology 19 (2008) 455307-

KH Lee, FSF Brossard, M Hadjipanayi, X Xu, F Waldermann, AM Green, DN Sharp, AJ Turberfield, DA Williams, RA Taylor

We have registered the position and wavelength of a single InGaAs quantum dot using an innovative cryogenic laser lithography technique. This approach provides accurate marking of the location of self-organized dots and is particularly important for realizing any solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics scheme where the overlap of the spectral and spatial characteristics of an emitter and a cavity is essential. We demonstrate progress in two key areas towards efficient single quantum dot photonic device implementation. Firstly, we show the registration and reacquisition of a single quantum dot with 50 and 150 nm accuracy, respectively. Secondly, we present data on the successful fabrication of a photonic crystal L3 cavity following the registration process.

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