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DNA origami nanostructured surfaces for enhanced detection of molecular interactions

22nd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2018 1 (2018) 16-19

D Daems, I Rutten, W Pfeifer, D Decrop, D Spasic, J Bath, B Saccà, A Turberfield, J Lammertyn

Copyright© (2018) by Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society.All rights reserved. The performance of biosensors strongly depends on the nanoarchitecture of the biosensing surface. In many studies the bioreceptor density, orientation and accessibility are often overlooked, resulting in suboptimal biosensing devices. Here, DNA origami structures were decorated with aptamers and studied as a novel tool to structure the biosensor surface with nanoscale precision, favoring interaction between target and aptamer. Using this novel method to engineer biosensing interfaces of two in-house developed biosensing platforms, we were able to accurately detect the presence of a specific target and to compete with existing biosensors in reproducibility, SNR and LOD, without the need for backfilling.

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