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Modifying Membrane Morphology and Interactions with DNA Origami Clathrin-Mimic Networks.

ACS nano (2019)

CMA Journot, V Ramakrishna, MI Wallace, AJ Turberfield

We describe the triggered assembly of a bio-inspired DNA origami meshwork on a lipid membrane. DNA triskelia, three-armed DNA origami nanostructures inspired by the membrane-modifying protein clathrin, are bound to lipid mono- and bi-layers using cholesterol anchors. Polymerization of triskelia, triggered by the addition of DNA staples, links triskelion arms to form a mesh. Using transmission electron microscopy, we observe nanoscale local deformation of a lipid monolayer induced by triskelion polymerization that is reminiscent of the formation of clathrin-coated pits. We also show that the polymerization of triskelia bound to lipid bilayers modifies interactions between them, inhibiting the formation of a synapse between giant unilamellar vesicles and a supported lipid bilayer.

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