Previous Group Members

Former Post Docs

Dr Mireya McKee: 2012 Consultant Isis Innovation Ltd, Oxford

Former DPhil Students

Dr Anthony Walsh: 2011 Post Doc Livesey Group, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge
Dr Richard Muscat: 2011 Post Doc Seelig Group, University of Washington
Dr Parminder Lally: 2011 Trainee Patent Attorney

Dr Shelley Wickham: 2011 Post Doc Shih Group, University of Harvard
Dr Anthony Genot: 2010: Post Doc, 2011: Post Doc Rondelez Lab, University of Tokyo
Dr Daniele Selmi: 2010: Post Doc, 2011: Trainee IP Lawyer
Dr Pradeep Ramachandran: 2009 Post Doc UC??
Dr Christoph Erben: 2009 Civil Service
Dr Russell Goodman: 2007 Fast track medicine at the University of Harvard
Dr Simon Green: 2006 Civil Service

Dr Daniel Lubrich: 2006 Group leader at National University of Singapore.
Dr Jon Malo: 2007 Fast track medicine at St George's Hospital

Dr James Mitchell: 200? ??