Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics will run a Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) in 2019. We anticipate appointing 4 to 5 students. Students (from any University) currently in their second year and above are welcome to apply. Due to UK visa regulations, we are only able to appoint EEA students. Non-EEA students who hold a valid Tier 4 visa or have a dependant or ancestry visa are eligible to apply, but your right to work in the UK will be checked before any offer is made.

Students will work with a supervisor in the department, usually a research fellow or a faculty member (a list of those offering opportunities for 2019 is below), on a self-contained research project. Students are encouraged to take part in department life, joining researchers for coffee breaks, discussions and seminars.
The projects will typically run for 8-10 weeks, beginning on or around 1st July. The duration may be adjusted to be shorter or longer, or to accommodate summer travel. We are offering a 30 hour working week paid at living wage rates (approx £300 per week).

Application Process

You should email a one-page-only application, in pdf format, to TP Admin by Monday 4 March 2019, with “UROP” in the subject line. It should tell us why you are interested in the programme and which supervisor(s) interest you most (you will not be considered for projects in which you state no interest; since the list below is tentative and some projects may disappear, it will be easier for us to accommodate you if you indicate multiple preferences). The application must also include your contact details, your year and course, any undergraduate exam results so far, and contact details (including email) of your academic referee. Please mention any computer programming experience and any previous research experience. Each application must be accompanied by one reference --- applicants must ensure that their Referee submits a short academic reference via email to TP Admin by the closing date. We anticipate offers to be made by the end of March.

For any administrative queries, contact Michelle Bosher.

Faculty Members & Research Fellows who may offer Summer Research Projects in 2019

Prof Michael Barnes --- plasma physics/astrophysics
Prof Fabrizio Caola --- particle physics
Prof Fabian Essler --- quantum condensed matter
Dr Felix Flicker --- quantum condensed matter
Dr Dmitry Kovrizhin --- quantum condensed matter
Prof Ard Louis --- soft condensed matter/biophysics
Prof John Magorrian --- galactic dynamics
Dr Adam Nahum --- quantum condensed matter
Prof Sid Parameswaran --- quantum condensed matter
Prof Felix Parra --- plasma physics
Prof Gavin Salam FRS --- particle physics
Prof Alex Schekochihin --- plasma physics/astrophysics
Dr Ralph Schoenrich --- galactic dynamics
Prof Julia Yeomans FRS --- soft condensed matter/biophysics

If you are interested in working with any other member of the Rudolf Peierls Centre, not listed here, you may give us his/her name in your application - we will then consider your request if the researcher in question confirms that s/he is willing to offer a summer project.