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Photochemical stability of N@C<inf>60</inf> and its pyrrolidine derivatives

Chemical Physics Letters 508 (2011) 187-190

G Liu, AN Khlobystov, A Ardavan, GAD Briggs, K Porfyrakis

Pyrrolidine derivatives of N@C60 have been synthesized and characterized. The photochemical stability of the derivatives as well as pristine N@C60 are studied and compared. While the attachment of a pyrrolidine group to C60 cage significantly lowers the photolytic stability of N@C60, the effect of a peripheral optically active pyrenyl group on photoinduced decay is negligible. A mechanism involving carbon-carbon bond dissociation and a subsequent inversion of the endohedral nitrogen atom is proposed to account for the observed spin loss. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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