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Controlling intermolecular spin interactions of La@C<inf>82</inf> in empty fullerene matrices

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2010) 1618-1623

Y Ito, JH Warner, R Brown, M Zaka, R Pfeiffer, T Aono, N Izumi, H Okimoto, JJL Morton, A Ardavan, H Shinohara, H Kuzmany, H Peterlik, GAD Briggs

The ESR properties and crystal structures of solid-state La@C82 in empty fullerene matrices were investigated by changing the concentration of La@C82 and the species of an empty fullerene matrix: C60, C70, C78(C2v(3)), C82(C2) and C84(D2d(4)). The rotational correlation time of La@C82 molecules tended to be shorter when La@C82 is dispersed in larger fullerene matrices because large C2n molecules provide more space for La@C82 molecules for rotating. La@C 82 dispersed in a hcp-C82 matrix showed the narrowest hyperfine structure (hfs) due to the ordered nature of La@C82 molecules in the C82 crystal. On the other hand, in a C60 matrix, La@C82 molecules formed clusters because of the large different solubility, which leads to the ESR spectra being broad sloping features due to strong dipole-dipole and exchange interactions. © the Owner Societies 2010.

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