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CF2-bridged C60 dimers and their optical transitions

ChemPhysChem Wiley 18 (2017) 3540-3543

P Dallas, S Zhou, S Cornes, H Niwa, Y Nakanishi, Y Kino, T Puchtler, R Taylor, GAD Briggs, H Shinohara, K Porfyrakis

Fullerene dyads bridged with perfluorinated linking groups have been synthesized through a modified arc-discharge procedure. The addition of Teflon inside an arc-discharge reactor leads to the formation of dyads, consisting of two C60 fullerenes bridged by -CF2- groups. The bridging groups consisting of electronegative atoms, lead to different energy levels and to new features in the photoluminescence spectrum. A suppression of the singlet oxygen photosensitization, indicated that the radiative decay from singlet to singlet state is favoured against the intersystem crossing singlet to triplet transition.

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