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Optical polarization in mono and bilayer MoS 2

Current Applied Physics Elsevier 17 (2017) 1153-1157

Y Park, N Li, CCS Chan, BPL Reid, RA Taylor, H Im

Optical anisotropy in monolayer- and bilayer-MoS 2 was investigated by polarization resolved photoluminescence measurements. The photoluminescence of monolayer-MoS 2 is found to be partially polarized at 4.2 K and maintains this polarization characteristic up to room temperature, while the photoluminescence of bilayer-MoS 2 shows no obvious polarization. This polarization anisotropy is due to strain effects at the interface between the MoS 2 layer and the SiO 2 substrate, causing symmetry breaking of the MoS 2 charge distribution. Calculations using density functional theory of the electron density distribution of the monolayer- and bilayer-MoS 2 in the in-plane direction are also presented, giving support to our qualitative analysis.

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