Quantum Optoelectronics

Group Leaders:

Our work on nitride quantum dots has recently been showcased on the Science and Engineering South website here..

We work mainly on a variety of nanostructures including GaN nanocolumns, InGaN quantum dots, InGaAs quantum dots and photonic crystals and carbon nanotubes. We are also currently beginning work on light-matter coupling in cellular systems in collaboration with Prof. Jason Smith in the Department of Materials here in Oxford.

I have just been awarded a new three year grant on non-polar InGaN quantum dots for single photon applications by EPSRC, which commenced in late February 2015. This is in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Oliver in the Materials Department in Cambridge. A summary of the project can be found here at the EPSRC website.

In April 2013 we started work on a new project in collaboration with Dr. Fred Brossard at Hitachi Cambridge Labortories and Prof. Ray Murray at Imperial College, London. The title of the project is "Long wavelength single photon sources and dotonic molecules". A summary of the project can be found here at the EPSRC website.

The dynamics of photoexcited electrons and holes can be measured on the timescale of ~100fs by using ultrafast optical spectroscopy. The carriers interact strongly with each other to form a hot plasma, which then cool by interacting with the lattice. In experiments we make real-time measurements of fundamental optical properties such as absorption and luminescence using pulses generated by modelocked lasers. These measurements are important from a fundamental point of view, since they provide basic information about excitons, electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions, and they are of great practical significance since the speed of these processes limits the speed ultimately obtainable in electronic and opto-electronic devices.