Publications associated with Quantum Optics of Quantum Many-Body Systems

Universal upper bounds on the Bose-Einstein condensate and the Hubbard star

Physical Review B American Physical Society 96 (2017) 064502-

F Tennie, V Vedral, C Schilling

For N hard-core bosons on an arbitrary lattice with d sites and independent of additional interaction terms we prove that the hard-core constraint itself already enforces a universal upper bound on the Bose-Einstein condensate given by Nmax=(N/d)(d-N+1). This bound can only be attained for one-particle states |φ) with equal amplitudes with respect to the hard-core basis (sites) and when the corresponding N-particle state |Ψ) is maximally delocalized. This result is generalized to the maximum condensate possible within a given sublattice. We observe that such maximal local condensation is only possible if the mode entanglement between the sublattice and its complement is minimal. We also show that the maximizing state |Ψ) is related to the ground state of a bosonic "Hubbard star" showing Bose-Einstein condensation.

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