Collaborators and previous group members

We are welcoming a series of scientific visitors in our group that enrich our research from high calibre international experts to undergraduate students. For visiting opportunities to spend a shorter or a longer period of research in our group please contact: Dr Amalia Coldea (


Arjun Narayanan was a member of our group between September 2013- March 2015. Arjun has taken a PRDA position at the Materials Processing Center, MIT, in the USA.

MPhys 2015

David Macdougal, MPhys Oxford (offered PhD in Oxford from October 2015)

Matthew Ware, MPhys Oxford (future software developer)

Summer students 2014

David Macdougal (Mansfield College)

MPhys 2014

Joseph Prentice, MPhys Oxford (PhD in Cambridge since October 2014)

Nathaniel Davies, MPhys Oxford (PhD in Oxford since October 2014)

Mate Harstein, MPhys Oxford (PhD in Cambridge since October 2014)

Visitors 2013

Professor Peter Hirschfeld,
University of Florida, USA

Summer students 2013

Nathaniel Davies, MPhys Oxford, (EPSRC summer student)

MPhys 2013

Mr James Edmands, MPhys Oxford , (DPhil in Physics, Oxford University from October 2013)

Robert Schoonmaker, MPhys Oxford , (PhD in Physics, Durham University from October 2013)

Visitors 2012

Professor Paul Canfield
Ames Laboratory, USA

Mr Dominik Wild, MPhys Oxford (EPSRC summer project) (PhD in Physics, Harvard University, USA from October 2013)

Mr Jonasz Slomka, MPhys Oxford (PhD at MIT, USA from October 2013). Jonasz won the Gibbs Prize for the best use of experimental apparatus in a MPhys Project. Jonasz' project was entitled Heat transfer in a nanocalorimeter (supervised by Dr Amalia Coldea).

Mr Samuel Blake, MPhys Oxford (PhD in Oxford in our group since October 2012). Sam won the Metaswitch Prize for the best use of Software in a MPhys Project. Sam's project was entitled Electronic structure of novel superconducting materials
(supervised by Dr Amalia Coldea).

Visitors 2011

Dr Igor Mazin
, Naval Research Laboratory, Washingthon DC

Mr Jonasz Slomka, MPhys Oxford (EPSRC summer project)

Mr Matthew Watson, MPhys Oxford (PhD in Oxford in our group since October 2011)

Mr John Dunnn (University of Waterloo, ICE Oxford), January - August 2011. John assisted in refurbishment and installation of a dilution unit and the design specific heat measurement. He worked for ICE Oxford until May 2013 and from June 2013 he will be working for D-Wave.